He doesn't and he does

He doesn’t  …
1. praise me.
2. say those 3 little words.
3. hold my hand when walking, I will hold his hand instead. Boo hoo!
4. buy me flower or gift on Valentines’ day, my birthday and our Wedding Anniversary.
5. call me often.

But he does
1. fill up my car petrol.
2. house chores and almost all the cleaning jobs at home.
3. spend time with us.
4. set my alarm clock to wake me up every morning.
5. cut fruits and put them on the table next to me, when I look at my phone.


I love exercise

5 years ago, my husband signed up the family package at one of the two recreation clubs in the town. 
Upon joining the club, I took up the yoga lesson, my daughters started their ping pong lesson and we went to the pool occasionally.

After some time, I started working out in the gym and I got addicted. Since then, I went to the gym every evening on weekdays, and every morning on weekends. I make new friends there, I get socialized with different people from all walks of life. 

I can easily spend 2 to 3 hours in the gym, I run my 7km here and 10km there, while chatting with other members to kill the boredom, otherwise Lite FM or My FM from radio are my best companions in the gym. 

I love running because it gives me the confidence

I love exercise because I know I'm fitter and healthier!
This year, my fitness freak husband again signed up the promotion package at another recreation club in the town. Apparently this New Club has better equipment in the gym, nicer pool and new sauna facility. This has given me an alternative when I want to do exercise.
Exercise just makes me happier
I work out because it makes me feel great. 

Exercise is the ultimate stress relieve
Other than working out in the gym, I had Zumba and Belly Dance once a week. On top of my work out in the gym, I take my girls to go swimming on Saturday, and hiking on Sunday. 

I love exercise because it calms me down after a long day.

If I can push myself hard in the gym, it gives me the confidence that I can overcome obstacles outside the gym.

I use the time at the gym to think, release emotion, and relax.
It relieves my stress while simultaneously making me feel more confident about my body, so that I have the allowance to wear hot.

Nothing clears my head or makes me calmer than a good sweaty workout.
My skin looks healthier, I sleep better, and I get thirstier, so I drink more water.
It also provides “me time” to do something good for myself.

I am obsessed with running because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind every time I do it, no matter what the distance or speed.
Every time I finish a run, I feel as though I'm back at zero, as if all my worries and problems have been realigned.

Thank Goodness, my spouse is addictive to fitness as much as I am.  


My weekly red beans soup

I have been cooking red beans soup religiously on every weekend. Red beans soup is the easiest dessert that I can cook for myself on busy weekends. Yes, my weekends are always busy and packed with activities. I will tell you how busy my weekends will be in another post.

I usually soak red beans overnight in water before I cook. I threw the red beans with some other ingredients into the slow cooker. I will leave home for my workout. When I return from gym, everything is boiled and ready to serve, I will then add in 3 small pieces of rock sugars for better taste.
Red beans with "kuih bakul" 年糕
I put in "kuih bakul" just 5 minutes before I off the slow cooker, otherwise the "kuih bakul" would melt and dissolve inside the soup. 

Red beans wish orange flesh sweet potatoes
Cut sweet potatoes into cubes, throw into the soup when the soup is boiled. It is reader to serve after boiling for another 10 minutes.

Red beans, black glutinous rice and dried longan
Soak red beans and black glutinous rice a night before cooking. Put in dried "longan" into the slow cooker 10 minutes before serving.

Red beans with barley
I read from internet, red beans and barley are good in reducing water retention and weight management.

Red beans with Japanese sweet potatoes.
Instead of putting in sweet potatoes, I plan to put in pumpkins into my red beans soup this coming weekend.

Red beans soup is my lunch on weekend. I can take a few bowls at one go after my morning work out. In fact, red bean has lots of health benefits, it is especially beneficial to women, because red bean is high fiber, source of antioxidants and protein and rich in iron.

I get the following information on red beans health benefits from here.

Red beans - the most important health benefits:

1. Red Beans - wonderful source of antioxidants: red beans is one of the richest foods in antioxidants, even richer than blueberries or cherries, according to a study by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture on 100 fruits, vegetables and nuts. Thus, Frequently consumption of red beans help your body fight free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer or other serious diseases, keeping your youth longer!

2. Red Beans - essential source of fiber: a cup of red beans provides half your daily requirement of fiber, which not only keeps the digestive system health, ease digestion and prevent constipation, but shrinks the cholesterol levels, lowering the risk associated with cardiovascular disease and regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Red Beans - a healthy alternative to meat: when you want a lighter meal or are in post, replacing the consumption of meat with red beans. Excellent source of protein, red beans will help to strengthen your body and muscles, to prevent cardiovascular disease and live a life full of energy! A cup of red beans is over 15 mg of healthy protein for your body
4. Red Beans - source of iron: let's do a little test - keep your palm facing you and pull the fingers back. How pink are the lines of your palm ? If they are white, you may suffer from iron deficiency and red beans is a wonderful source of iron, low in calories and fat (as opposed to red meat). Pregnant women, children and teenagers need especially high intakes of iron, and a cup cover of red beans have 30% of the RDA.

5. Red Beans - for a great memory: source of thiamine (vitamin B1), red bean consumption stimulates attention and memory, is particularly beneficial during periods of intellectual overloaded, eliminate insomnia, combat depression, fatigue and anxiety and lowers Alzheimer's risks .

Red Beans - for a long and healthy life

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, regular consumption of red beans strengthens teeth and bones, can help you lose weight Lower the risk of heart attack and energize your whole body!


How my children spent their school break

Two weeks school break had just over. My daughters had a busy schedule. They had spent their time on ping pong tournament, colouring competition, a 3D2N stay at Golden Sand Resort, Penang and nail art. Of course, I still prepared timetable for them to do revision and workbooks. Besides, they also practice for their Bahasa Malay story telling and drawing contest that they are going to take part after the school reopens.

April and May took part in a ping pong tournament which was held at Ipoh the very first weekend of school break.
May bagged the first runner-up in category under ten years old.

April bagged 3rd runner-up in category under 13. Both of them are chosen to represent Perak for national game in November, which is going to be held in Sarawak. 

On the second weekend of school break, I let April have her first nail art at the mall. 
Girl being girl, she was so happy to get her nail painted with her own choice of colours.

Next time, she will be my companion when I go for pedicure and manicure. Good!!!?

While April having nail art, May took part in colouring competition which was organised by a charity event.

I am so happy that she won the 3rd prize with her colouring work.

On the last weekend before the school started again, we went to Golden Sand Resort, Penang for a 3D2N stay.
My best friend in Penang, Su In and hubby took their son and daughter to join us on the second day. They stayed there for 4D3N.

The kids had so much fun during the stay. Su In and me, other than catching up, we went for durian and laksa together before we left Penang for home.

Can't wait for the next school break again, and it is going to happen in July, the Hari Raya break. Till then, stay happy and easy, folks. 


YAM's Belly button challenge

After seeing so many people posted their pictures on FB, YAM (Yan, April and May) also took belly button challenge on one of the evenings during the last school break.

My 11 years old, April attempted the challenge by wrapping her left arm over her waist. She succeeded without much hassle.

Then, April attempted with her right hand. Again, she didn't have much problem.

My 9 years old, May attempted with her left arm. She, always being the thinnest girl at home, surely she could take the challenge like "makan kacang"

May attempted with her right hand. It is an easy job for her to cover her whole belly button. Envy!

Lastly, the fattest woman in the house attempted the belly button challenge too.
She tried with so much effort, left and right. Left hand pulled right hand, right hand pulled left hand. She tried so hard until her shoulders almost have fallen off, her arms almost have twisted, and her belly was pulled, dragged, pinched until swollen. Finally, she still has one inch to go before reaching the belly button. Sigh! Meaning, Yannie still needs to tone up her waistline. 


Happy Father's Day to J

He is the world's greatest dad for my daughters.

He chauffeurs the girls to school, tuition, art lesson, and ping pong training every day. Whenever there is ping pong tournaments, he will take them there, regardless within the town or out of town. He spends his time in the court watching them playing.

He cares for their studies. He takes the girls' workbooks to his office and marks their workbooks at his free time. He will then review with the girls on the mistakes that they have done on the workbooks. He also helps photocopying and laminating all the girls' school assignment.

He will take us for holiday during school break. He will also plan for movies or some outings on weekends. He initiates all our trips and travels, be it local or oversea.

The most important is he treasures the family that we build together. I am so blessed to have him as my children's dad. I wish my daughters will love and care for their papa forever, just like how his papa loves and cares for them now.

The below slide shows that how silly he could be while taking pictures with his beloved princesses.

1 ■ ■ ■
Happy Father's Day to all best dads out there.


May is nine today

Today is my little May 9 years old birthday. We have celebrated her birthday in advance on weekend.

Look! Her big sister too, stick a post-it marker on the calendar.
April wrote "阿臭生日", we called May as 阿臭(stinky) at home. lol! Because she is very funny and silly at time.

I always want them to get ready their going-to-school stuffs such as handkerchief, underwear, socks and shorts one day before. However, this stinky May would put her 5 days going-to-school stuffs on her study table on the Sunday evening. Faint!
She lines all her stuffs that she is going to use from Monday to Friday on weekends. Should I praise her for getting ready in advance or should I label her as lazy bum?

Just like her big sister, she is doing well in her study so far. I am proud of her.

Besides, she is a sweet, easy-going, and happy girl.

Her favorite food is those spicy noodle soup, such as curry, tomyam, prawn noodles and laksa.

I wish my little May "Happy Birthday! Stay happy and healthy forever."

Her birthday dinner was at Shin Japanese Restaurant, her birthday cake was Fruit Cake from LA Promise. It was just a simple celebration among JAMY. She claimed that she was extremely full after finishing her favorite udon.