A year older a year wiser

It's a scary thing getting older. Learn to like it!
It is my birthday, allow me to be a bit self-obsessed. 
Another year, I made it, I am thankful and I am blessed. 


10 days before my birthday

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to remind you of my birthday. Actually it was my daughter,who reminded me to blog again. She knows that I have stopped blogging for a while. I don't like to blog about  the back dated though I have lots of pictures to share. And also, I may not be able to blog on my birthday, so why not I blog about everything about myself today?

I am blessed to have my parents in law, they help me to chauffeur my two daughters when both my husband an myself are at work. Not only that, they both can cook up a storm.
These were the CNY reunion dishes that were prepared by my PIL. I counted, there were 10 dishes. 
I am proud to have April and May to be my daughters. They are very different in character and personality, but they never fail to impress me everyday.
We were wearing same outfits and  same house clothes on the first day of CNY 2014.
I am lucky to have a bunch of good friends. There are two in US, two in Singapore, two in Japan and those in Malaysia are a few in Penang, many in KL and also some in Taiping.
The nearest one is this group of colleagues. They know me the best when I will be a monster and when I will be an angel.
I am occupied my time with hobbies like baking and working out in the gym.
These were the bakes during this CNY,  they are Marble Butter Cake, banana cupcakes ad spongy orange cupcakes.
I am happy that I have finally make my wish come true on the day every Chinese celebrated their birthday, Day 7 of CNY, I did LASIK on both of my eyes. Oops! I need to go without eye makeup for 1 month.
Left picture was taken on first day post surgery, right picture was taken on second day post surgery. 
I am loved by my white knight. He has given me all the attention that I need and there is nothing else that I still can demand, except our lifetime togetherness. 
So many years and I still want to say this "Thanks for making me your wife. "


My first post in 2014

Happy New Year 2014, folks. Though I am not so active in blog sphere for the past six months, I really appreciate you folks for continue dropping by my blog, be it leaving me comments or being silent. I apologize for not visiting your blogs.

My every New Year resolution is still losing weight. Other than this, I wish that I can stay easy and active as ever, I can have more patient in everything I do, and I also can in better control of my temper. In short, I just want to be HAPPY. Muahahahah!

Since I am only writing blog once or twice a month, I better summarize everything in one post. Ok, today I actually want to share the food that we (the girls and I) cooked and baked in December.

1. Colorful glutinous rice balls with orange sweet potatoes in brown sugar ginger syrup
This was actually cooked by my MIL, the girls and I helped in shaping the balls. I must not forget to mention, the sweet potatoes were prepared by me. Slurp! 
2. Christmas M&M cookies
I always wanted to do something special on Christmas. I worked on Christmas day this year. These M&M cookies was the simplest which we could do on Christmas eve. 
3. Colorful glutinous rice balls in clear syrup.
The girls did not get enough of Tong Yuen and bugged me for more. 

All colors are natural except the pink one. Hey! We all pee-ed pink urine on the next day. Yerr...
4. New Year butter cookies
These were the second attempt of my girls in piping the butter cookies. The result is so amazing. 

The stupid oven didn't perform well, or the stupid baker didn't adjust the temperature well, you say?
5. Spaghetti Carbonara
My first attempt to use white sauce instead of the most commonly used tomatoes sauce. My family like it. 
6. Healthy oatmeal banana chocolate chips cookie bites.
This bake needs 3 ingredients, 1 cup quick oats, 2 very ripe bananas, and  1/2 cup chocolate chips. Bake 15 minuites in temperature 170C. Healthy and yummy, I must say. 
Once again, I wish all of you stay happy, rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each new day. 


Taiwan shopping loots

I am back from Taiwan trip. I am not too sure whether I will have time to blog about my trip. I would love to do it if time permits, because Taiwan is such a great place to shop and the food at the night market is all my liking . The moment I flew back to KLIA, I felt like booking a flight ticket to make another trip back to Taiwan again. I had never got enough of shopping at the night markets. Shoes, bags, and clothes are cheap. I could have bought even more loots, if it isn't a winter time.
Top: Pineapple cookies 凤梨酥. Bottom:  Sun Biscuits太阳饼, and  the "very tasty but don't know name" square biscuits. 
Top: two pairs of shoes for myself, the white&red one is only TWD100 (RM11.30) and the brown one is only TWD190 (RM21.50). Bottom: two tops TWD350 (RM40), one  bottom TWD190 (RM21.50) and one pajamas TWD500 (RM56.50). These are all mine. 
Top: April's loots are two dresses TWD600 (RM 68)and one pajamas TWD400 (RM45). Bottom: May's loots are two tops TWD200 (RM22.60) and two bottomsTWD200 (RM22.60). 

Top: Photo frame, key chain and mug with our photos printed at the souvenir shop in the hotel TWD390 (RM44). Bottom:  10 pairs of cute and lovely socks for the April and May TWD200 (RM22.60)
Every time we travel, my husband won't get anything for himself from the place we go, but from the duty free shop in the airport. This time, it is just the same.
During the trip,  he got himself Taiwan beer in cans from convenience store. He said Taiwan beer is cheap and nice. 

My two girls love their instant noodles in mugs. It tastes good indeed. 
I don't really satisfy with my loots, because they are not as many as I would love to grab. May be it was due to the time allocated for shopping in the tour package always short. I couldn't make my choice right when I was in a rush. I told myself so many times, I must go back to Taiwan again. Next time, I want go with a bunch of lady friends. I love to go there for shopping and also enjoying the night market food only. lol!


Our year end holiday

This year, I work very hard and I save up many annual leaves. Now, school holiday is here. It is time for me to clear my leaves and do something to break my routine. I take 3 weeks off in a row. Yes!

We are going to a place inside Malaysia.
We are going to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a few days. April is having a ping pang tournament there.
After visiting Siti Khatijah Market in Kelantan, we are going to a place outside Malaysia. Hooray!

I bought a few long sleeves and jackets for the girls.

I also bought many tights and leggings for them.

I have stolen some time to do some homework just now on what we can do there.

Woot! Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, Sun Moon Lake,.......

Woot! Shopping, shopping, shopping for cosmetics, facial masks, bags, shoes and cloths,......

Woot! Food, food and food.

Taiwan, here we come.


Our routine Sunday

How you spend your Sunday?
When I check my FB on Sunday, I always see my friends having good time on Sunday. Many go for outing, parks and malls.
How I spend my Sunday?
Morning, I go for a swim for at least an hour while my two daughters are having their swimming lesson in the other side of the pool. That explains how we get our tan complexion recently.
After swimming, we go back home to have my husband home cook lunch. He cooks 1 soup and 3 dishes as he always does.
When done with lunch, we watch an hour TV, we will go for our precious beauty nap for at least 2 hours.
Waking up from our beauty nap, we will go to the club. The girls are attending their table tennis training, and I will do work out in the gym above their court.
We have dinner in the club.
Back at home, I iron clothes and the girls watch a bit TV.  We call off our Sunday with a book before bedtime.
We are used to this type of Sunday routine.  I have no complain, children have no complain, and husband too has no complain to cook us lunch on Sunday.

Let me digress a bit, my two girls make me so proud again.  They are doing quite fine in swimming, table tennis and art, at the same time they are also doing well in their studies. April is still retaining her position 1 in Primary 3, she scores in all subjects. May is getting position 2 in Primary 1, she actually got position 3 in the mid-year exam.  To be honest, I was actually angry with May when she got back her exam papers. I found some careless mistakes in her English and Mathematics papers, which I couldn’t tolerate. I caned her hands. I thought she would drop from her position 3 to out of top ten. Little do I know, she is stepping up a position higher.  

Here is a picture of them after making over by professional makeup artist and hair stylist.  They had almost everything ready except the lips color. They later let the makeup artist apply the lips color when I sent them to the school year end concert after having their dinner. 


YES mood on

Time flies, and it is going to November soon. Many of us, women start hunting for clothes for the year-end holiday trip, Christmas party, New Year party and all sorts of parties. Checking at the calendar, Chinese New Year is on the month of January 2014.  There will be plenty of events and functions along these last few months of the years.

Those are employed, have started to plan how to utilize the bonus.  Many shopping malls, boutiques and outlets are having great sales to attract customers.   Shopping at year-end sale always thrills me. I can think of so many reasons for me to buy clothes.

People who are always busy like me would opt to shop online, because shopping online saves time, cost and effort. That’s solely my own opinion. I love those online boutiques that provide free shipping, good quality of material, reasonable price and trendy fashions.

If you want to be traffic stopper and make people turn head at your stylist outfits, I would like to suggest Ezra to you.
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